Call for Participation for the First Workshop on Testing in Black Swan Domains “WOTBLACK”


We invite to the first WOTBLACK, Workshop on Testing in Black Swan Domains: A LAWST style context driven workshop on testing in high-risk contexts such as banking, healthcare, industrial plant management, safety systems, public sector, transportation…

The goal of the workshop is to facilitate knowledge sharing across testing communities.

Hosts: Anna Royzman, Anders Dinsen

Where: New York City
Address: 16 Court Street, Brooklyn
Suite 711, Floor 7, Room 1
When: Sunday April 30th 2017

(The weekend preceding Test Masters Academy‘s 2nd Annual Test Leadership Congress and Masterclasses)


Black Swans: Improbable Events with Disproportionate Impact

With testers working on increasingly complicated and complex systems, testing with a risk focus seems more important than ever. Nassim Taleb’s “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable” published 10 years ago, in 2007, seems a very good source of inspiration.

The core question of the workshop is how we perform deep testing for improbable events with disproportionate impact.

We are looking for experience reports within the following areas:

  • Testing heuristics in high-risk contexts
  • Risk and accident aware test strategy
  • Testing AI-based systems
  • Advanced integration testing and testing large integrated systems
  • Risk based agile testing
  • Anti-fragility and resilience through testing
  • Stories of engineering and testing failures
  • Testing leadership in high risk projects and/or political, risk averse contexts
  • Personal experiences and staying personally sane in high risk contexts


The meeting will be in New York City. Final arrangements are being prepared and will be announced before the meeting.

Saturday and Sunday, we will start informally at 8.30 (breakfast and chat), starting the meeting at 9.30 We will finish Saturday at 6, Sunday at 4.

Participants and guest(s) are welcome to join us for (pay-for-your-own) dinner on Saturday, and Sunday nights. We will supply lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Invitation and application

We invite people with interest in testing and the subject of testing, managing and qualifying risks. Participants could be:

  1. Consultants and senior thinkers in the field
  2. Agile leaders and coaches who have experience with complicated systems
  3. Business analysts
  4. Test managers
  5. Automated testing specialists
  6. Individual testers with interest and experience in the area

The number of participants will be limited to 10. There will probably be a small charge in the order of 50 US$ to cover costs of the workshop. But we expect people to pay for attendance by offering valuable experiences and insights at the meeting, in a collegial and supportive way.

If you want to attend the meeting, please send an e-mail to Anders Dinsen <> that briefly describes your software testing background, your experience with or knowledge of testing, why you want to attend this meeting, and what you think you can offer to it.


This is a meeting in the LAWST (Los Altos Workshops in Software Testing) tradition. Discussions will be facilitated and the sequence of presentations will evolve as the meeting progresses, our emphasis will be application and we will particularly value detailed reports of actual experiences. Presentations are subject to discussion, which might be very brief or very long. A presenter who captures the imagination of the meeting in a 45-minute presentation might face as much as a day of questions, arguments, counter-examples, supporting examples and demonstrations, and other comments on the ideas raised in that presentation. Discussions rarely last this long, but we don’t shift topic while there is still strong group energy with the current topic. We would rather spend enough time on a few things to learn their lessons well than to cover a broad agenda at the expense of useful depth.

Intellectual Property Agreement

We expect to be able to share the work developed for and in this meeting. Material that we create at the meeting or that was created in preparation for the meeting will be reusable by all participants in the meeting. Explicitly excluded from this will be actual experience reports where personal information and information about causes of actual system accidents should not be shared outside of the meeting. For a fuller description of the IP agreement, see

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