Agenda for WOTBLACK II announced


We are happy to announce the agenda for WOTBLACK II, a knowledge sharing meeting.

Testers appreciate the unpredictable. WOTBLACK II will continue where WOTBLACK I finished: With the collaboratively assembled list of “things” that matter to testers working in contexts where Black Swans matter. Black swans are unlikely events with disproportionate impact.

  • Uncertainty and doubt
  • Intersection of human systems with software
  • Sensemaking
  • Heuristic: project/system problems often result of rewarding wrong behavior
  • Senior management competence
  • Cascading failures
  • Corp culture, change if not productive
  • Stop pointing fingers
  • Shared values
  • System integration testing
  • Doubt (superpower of-)
  • Perverse incentives
  • Asking: “What’s the possible outcome of this?”
  • Good enough vs paying for highest quality
  • Values -> ethics, honesty, truth, authenticity
  • Inputs != outputs
  • Smart tests
  • … and many more

We think this will make a good starting point for coming up with a new and innovative approach to testing.

The ambitious goal of WOTBLACK II will be to draft a manifesto for testing in black swan domains.

We will begin with reviewing the 10 minute video that was recorded at WOTBLACK I and go through the brain storm items. We will then decide on an agenda for the day. We hope to have a draft ready for publication after the event for feedback from the testing community.

Black Swans are random in nature and the tester’s standpoint is contingency. We want to see a better future for testing complex systems, where bugs matter. We work to improve testing in contexts where safety is an issue, lives are at stake, capital can be lost, and human values are threatened.

There are still seats available. Drop Anders an e-mail on if you wish to participate.


Anna and Anders