WOTBLACK #1 is now a one-day event; WOTBLACK receives backing from AST


I’m excited to share news about WOTBLACK in New York on April 30th.

First, WOTBLACK is also now supported by AST. AST has generously offered a grant to support participants’ expenses, and offered to publish experience reports from WOTBLACK.

I am extremely grateful for AST’s support.

While WOTBLACK is something I am very passionate about, the knowledge we collect and share in WOTBLACK should come from the testing community and be made available to everyone. The support from AST is a great motivator Рand help.

Further, to make the event more accessible for locals, we have decided to change the event into a single day workshop. The ambition with WOTBLACK #1 is to get the ball rolling on the systematic sharing of knowledge about testing in high-risk contexts. The workshop in New York will be the first one, but not the last one.

And after the workshop, we will publish a write-up after the workshop, and possibly also one or more videos with experience reports.

Finally, I’m pleased also to share also that Fiona Charles will join us in New York, as well as Anna Royzman of course, who is co-hosting with me.

The Call for Participation is still open, so don’t hesitate to join if you wish to share and learn.

Let’s get the ball rolling by sharing knowledge and co-creating heuristics on testing in high-risk contexts.